The Good Life

February 25, 2016compassion, empowerment, focus, happiness, love, resiliency

“The good life is inspired by love and guided by knowledge.” Bertrand Russell When we seek to live from a place of love and acceptance, rather than fear and judgement, we open our eyes and our hearts to the world and its people, to the depth and richness of life in all of its many … Read More

Appreciate the Moments of Your Life!

December 3, 2014change, connections, focus, frustrations, happiness, love, relationship issues, sadness

I so often encourage people to appreciate all the moments that they’re given, because life can change in an instant.  Our family has learned that the hard way, as we’ve gone through many traumatic times together.  We’ve had loved ones battle cancer and other serious health crises, and grieved unexpected family losses from tragic accidents … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving to You!

November 24, 2014anxiety, blessings, depression, focus, holidays

I want to wish you a happy holiday!  It’s wonderful to have a day set aside to focus on being grateful for the blessings we’ve all been given.  Being grateful is easiest if our lives are full of happiness, though. What if instead, we’re struggling and unhappy, depressed and anxious?  At those time, it can … Read More