As a therapist, I would love to see everyone make a different kind of New Year’s Resolution this year!  Instead of resolving to lose weight, get more exercise, etc., which would be the typical type of resolutions, how about resolving to be more loving, kind, and patient with yourself?

Aren’t you doing the best you can most of the time?  Don’t you have good intentions when you make your day-to-day choices.  Why not decide to be on your own side — to practice loving-kindness for yourself?

If you change your negative, self-critical talk, over to positive affirmations, you will feel much less stressed and experience less depression.  You will, also, have higher self-esteem, feel more supported, and have more growth potential.

When we treat ourselves with love and acceptance, it becomes easier for us to extend those considerations out to others.  Let’s start a new, happiness revolution — one of non-judgmental, unconditional positive regard for the one that we’re with 24 hours a day!  We are, and always will be, with ourselves every minute of our lives.  Let’s make that time count!  Let’s spread that love to ourselves!!  How about it?  Are you in?

Happy New Year from me to you!!

Until next time,



    • Thank you for letting me know your thoughts, Kymberly! Think of how your life could change, and the impact your modeling self-love would have on your fitness clients! Practicing loving-kindness toward ourselves is something we all could benefit from.

  • Linda, thanks. Negative self talk is so easy to do. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’ve got chitter chatter going on at all. Remembering to replace those thoughts with positive affirmations makes a huge difference in my day. The key for me is remembering.

    • We all struggle with remembering, Cindy! Negative self-talk is so subtle, that we often aren’t even aware we’re doing it. Gaining awareness is the key. When we recognize that we’re starting to feel anxious or down, and there isn’t any external reason, we then need to focus on our thoughts. Thanks for commenting!


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