This heart of dried flowers hangs on the wall of my office, near my door.  It’s there as a visual representation of what I want for all who come inside.  It’s meant to symbolize that this is a place where they can find warmth, kindness, and caring.  It’s there to show that I will always have my heart connected to my work.  I’m not there to judge anyone.  I’m there to help each person feel safe and supported.

When clients walk through that doorway, they’re feeling vulnerable in some way.  They’re hurting!  They’re feeling sad, scared, confused, frustrated, or angry.  My knowledge, training, and experience come into play, for sure, but I believe that it’s my open  heart which allows people to begin feeling less alone, more able to quiet their minds, and relax their bodies.  As we sit together, I see their hope and healing start to grow.

I know our environment is important!  It helps when we can create a haven somewhere in our homes.  It doesn’t have to be large and showy.  But it needs to be a quiet, nurturing place, filled with beauty, peace, and tranquility.   Since my office is my home away from home, and so many hurting people come there to find acceptance, solace, and guidance, I want it to be a soothing space, filled with things pleasing to the eye, mind, and spirit.  This floral heart is symbolic of so much, and I love it!

I’ll share more pictures of my office as time goes by.  I hope this picture might inspire you to look for somewhere within your own home or office, where you can create a space for contemplation, inspiration, and renewal.  And if you’re hurting in some way, I hope this heart reminds you that someone cares.

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