Are you tired of being unhappy?  If you’re a woman, aged 50 +, and live in the Santa Barbara area (from Goleta to Carpenteria), there will soon be help available.  My women’s group is restarting Thursday, June 26th.  If you’re depressed, or filled with anxiety, or dealing with a difficult situation, we can help.  Come join us!

Think about how good it would be to have the support and encouragement of a small circle of caring women on a weekly basis.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have somewhere to go and feel free to talk about anything that’s bothering you, without fear of judgement?  Think about having people you trust, offer helpful feedback, and maybe suggest new ways to look at problems, or even come up with possible solutions to consider.

I’ll be there to facilitate discussions, and offer information on a variety of topics to increase your overall well-being.  You’ll learn ways to lower stress, prioritize responsibilities, create healthier boundaries, improve self-esteem, recognize and claim your own power, and in general become happier and more peaceful.

If all of this sounds good to you, then call (805-569-0264) today to reserve your spot!  This will be a small, intimate group, so space will be limited.  Don’t miss out!  Call, and then come join us!

Entrance to the Therapy Building
Entrance to My Office Building

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* If you have questions, please call: 805-569-0264, or email:  Pictures: The first is the front of my office building, as seen from the street.  The next one is the front entrance.


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