A few days ago, I wrote a post titled, “How Do We Cope with the Devastation in Japan?”  One of my readers, Danielle Greene Welsh, of World Cuisine Express, was inspired to write a very touching double Haiku to the people of Japan.

I know Danielle personally.  She is a gentle, loving woman, and I wasn’t surprised that she had such deep and tender feelings about the Japanese people and their suffering.  I did not know, however, what a good writer she is!

She has graciously given me permission to share her poem with you.  Here’s Danielle’s double Haiku:

People of Japan
     My ocean is your ocean
     Set your pain afloat
     You have suffered greater loss
     Do not grieve alone
     Let it wash over here now
     Where the waves are small

If my original post, or Danielle’s Haiku, inspires you to be creative with your thoughts and feelings, please let me know.  We are all aware that the Japanese people are experiencing tremendous pain and suffering.  I believe we are all interconnected.  What touches one of us, touches us all.   Let’s reach out with love and caring to those who need us! 
Until next time,

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