About Linda Menesez, MSW, LCSW

linda_menesezLinda’s deep empathy for what her clients are going through comes from her childhood experience. When she was 12, her mother had a long, drawn-out emotional illness, and was absent from the home for many months. Linda had to grow up very quickly, and be there for her brother. Her focus had to shift at a young age to the needs of those around her. She learned to develop a calm presence, no matter what crisis was taking place.

Life went on, and Linda grew up. In time, she fell in love and married. As the years went by, life became very busy! Having a husband and then three children gave her ample opportunity to hone her natural ability to stay calm and patient, and to empathize with individual struggles.

As her children grew up, she began to look around and recognize that it was time for her to grow in a new and different way. At age 42, she followed her dream, and began college.

She went on to complete both a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with a double minor in Women’s Studies and in Family Relations), and a Master’s degree in Social Work (Child and Family). She wrote her Master’s thesis on “A Critical Analysis of Codependency.”

linda_menesez_about_flowerDuring her college years, Linda learned how overwhelming it can sometimes feel to juggle marriage, family, school, and work. But she also learned that it’s never too late to follow your dreams, if you are willing to work hard, and if you have the support of the people around you.

Linda has been a psychotherapist since 1996, and has been in private practice since 2003.  She loves working with people, and is honored to be a part of each individual client’s journey.

She has expertise in traditional therapeutic skills, while always remembering the interwoven aspects of mind, body, and spirit. She treats the whole person. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she is also very aware of how people’s environment can impact them — past, present, and future.

Each person is treated with respect and caring throughout therapy. Her focus is always on their unique strengths and their potential for growth. She assists them in breaking through their limitations and negative self-talk, to increase their well-being in all areas of their lives.

She is a member of NASW (National Association of Social Workers).

Linda is the proud mother of three grown sons, and loving grandmother to four grandchildren. She practices psychotherapy in Santa Barbara, where she happily lives with her husband.