I so often encourage people to appreciate all the moments that they’re given, because life can change in an instant.  Our family has learned that the hard way, as we’ve gone through many traumatic times together.  We’ve had loved ones battle cancer and other serious health crises, and grieved unexpected family losses from tragic accidents and sudden illnesses.

This last week has been another of those times.  My husband comes from a very large family, so there are many people to love.  Loving always brings with it great joy, but also the vulnerability of loss.

We had a beautiful family get-together at our house this last Saturday.  There were lots of hugs and ripples of shared laughter.  Everyone was happy and joyful!

Then, Monday evening we got word that one much-loved family member had been in terrible car accident earlier in the day.  He and his wife and one of their sons had just been to our house on Saturday.  They talked about it being their 39th wedding anniversary that day, and we celebrated them.  Two days later he was in the hospital in critical condition.

We’re hoping that he will be able to heal, and go back to enjoying life.  He is such a gentle, loving man!  He’s getting very good care, and has lot of prayers being said, and good thoughts being held, for him.  In the meantime, it reaffirms for our family the importance of appreciating each moment, and each person you love, because there’s no guarantees for tomorrow.

Please don’t waste time on the small annoyances of life.  Don’t wish time away.  Don’t put off letting people know that you care about them.  Create love and joy wherever you go!  Treat others with kindness and patience.  Focus on what’s right with your world, and celebrate all the varied moments.  Life is so precious!

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