So many people are feeling a new level of stress in their lives!  They’re fearful and feel like they have no control over many of the issues they care about deeply.  Much of this increased stress has come about as a result of our recent election.

I’ve seen it with my clients, and I’ve seen it with my friends.  There are values that they center their lives around.  Those values are near and dear to their hearts, and they don’t believe that our current administration shares those values.

I’ve had so many of my clients tell me that they’re having increased anxiety.  This can be manifested in many different ways.  We talk about how this additional anxiety is affecting them.  Are they having trouble sleeping, concentrating, eating healthy, getting along with others, etc.?

As a therapist, it’s important that we discover what works best for each of them to better manage their stress.  We talk about what’s helped in the past.  I encourage them to try at least a few of the old methods.  I also suggest some new stress management techniques that they might not be familiar with.

I then help them clarify where they have power and control.   (I wrote an earlier post, with a free, downloadable worksheet, to help people better understand how to lower their stress.  It’s centered on the benefit of focusing our time and attention on the areas where we have power and control.)  We all need to believe that we can make a difference in our own lives, and in the lives of others.

Please don’t surrender to feeling frustrated and helpless.  If it’s the current administration that is creating a lot of your emotional upset, “roll up your sleeves,” and help create change!  Connect with others who are making a difference.  You’ll feel less alone.  You’ll be inspired.  And you’ll gather new ideas and information.

Lowering your stress will enable you to have more energy, more clarity, more peace of mind, and better health.  Become empowered in your personal/professional life!  If you need some guidance and support in making changes, there’s help available.  I’d be happy to talk with you about how therapy can help you move forward.

Lower your stress, and feel better about the future.  You can do it!

Until next time,

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