I love doing Counseling in Santa Barbara!  I am able to work with wonderful people, and help them to see themselves and their choices in a new light.

They often come because they’re feeling very alone, and they’re deeply troubled about something.  It might be a new situation that has just come up, or it might be something more chronic that has finally exhausted their ability to cope.

The reason I’m writing this post is to encourage anyone who is feeling alone with their problems, to reach out.  Don’t just silently endure the misery!  Please pick up the phone and make a call, or sit down at your computer, and send an email.  Let someone know that you’re hurting!  Ask for help.  Things can get better.  Everything seems worse when you feel alone!

If you’re looking for professional help, and you’re in the Santa Barbara area, I would love to talk with you!  The quicker you reach out, the quicker you will begin to feel better.  Don’t put it off!  There are people who care.  I care!

Therapy is for anyone who is struggling with something, and who wants to feel happy again!  Don’t wait until you’re feeling so much worse.  Make the decision today, that you’re worthy of receiving whatever help you need.  And…reach out!

Until next time,


* For my help:  Call 805 569-0264 or email linda@counselinginsb.com

* The picture is the outside entrance to my office building in Santa Barbara.


  • Nothing is worse than feeling alone. Even minor problems feel so much bigger when there’s no one to talk to or turn to. Thank you for encouraging us all to reach out when we need some help.

    • I’m glad you liked this post, Calla! When we don’t feel like we have anyone to lean on, everything feels more difficult. Connecting with a friend, family member, or professional can make life feel much more manageable when problems do come.


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