There are so many people who ache with a deep loneliness.  Their pain isn’t usually visible, unless you know how to see its marks.  It can be present in their sighs, in their slumped shoulders, in their quieted voices, in the darkness beneath their eyes, in the set of their mouths.

For those who are able to safely come out from behind the shadows and speak with honesty, there’s a good chance for change.  If their sorrow and loneliness are received by people with open hearts, and compassionate minds, their lonely world, in time, can become a warm, caring place to grow and thrive.

We all need to feel accepted, valued, and emotionally safe.  What can you do to provide that for others?  Can you look around you, and find someone who needs a smile or a kind word — someone who needs to know that they matter?  Open your heart and let your face light up with kindness.  Go out and make a difference in the world!  Start with little steps of letting your love warm those near you, in your own neighborhood, in your own town.  In time, you might want to branch out in bigger ways.

What can you do to provide this sense of belonging and being emotionally safe, for yourself?  Nothing changes when we hide behind masks, and continue to pretend that we’re okay.  Real change only happens when we’re being real.  If you know someone, who you sense would be a safe person to be open with, talk to them.  Let them know how you’re really feeling.  If that doesn’t feel safe, call a professional for help.  As therapists, this is something that we have training and experience in.  We can create this safety, and help to guide you forward.

We all have the power to make a difference for ourselves and for others!  We need to be connected.  We need to know that others are there for us, and that we’re there for them.  Life can be hard, and there’s power in connections.  Life can also be joyful, and there’s more joy when it’s shared.

Step into your power!  Step into your natural destiny!  Step into making this a different world!  One by one, we can let our love and caring shine out for all who need to be nurtured by them.

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    • I’m so glad that you are in that “someone’s” life, Linda! Caring about him or her, and stepping forward to show your caring, can make a big difference. Thank you for being the warm, loving heart that is needed by that person! And…thank you very much for your kind words about my work.


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