It has been a really long time since I’ve written a post, and I wonder if you’ve been wondering where I disappeared to.  Life has been busy, and I’ve just “dropped the ball” on this blog.  Sometimes it seems like we all juggle a lot of responsibilities (balls), and we need to occasionally put one or more down.  That happened with my posting.  Some of you are connected with me on Facebook, where I have a business page called: Linda Menesez, Counseling in Santa Barbara, and see my posts on there.  For others of you, this may be the only way we connect.

I would love to know what some of your main concerns are at this time.  I’ve heard from some of you through Facebook, and I know that you’re dealing with problem family interactions and relationships, depression and anxiety, anger issues, parenting, caregiving, and stress management.  Life presents us with so many opportunities to learn!

Right now, I’m dealing with my mother’s end of life.  She’s been ill for some time, but her health has taken a sharp decline the last couple weeks.  We have Hospice in to help make whatever time she has left more comfortable, but as a family, we’re also all very involved in supporting her through this part of her life.

Don’t ever let too much time go by without out letting the people who mean the most to you, know that you love them.  Each day, and each person is so precious!  Celebrate your blessings!

Until next time,


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