Isn’t this a beautiful spot? How do you get to this tranquil oasis?

Imagine with me for a minute, getting out of your car and seeing two paths leading into the woods. You’ve heard that one path will take you to a fern-filled area, with a creek running through — a beautiful place to sit and be peaceful. You look at the paths, and you see that they quickly veer off in opposite directions. Which path do you choose?

If you just stand there unable to choose, the miracle of this hidden spot will remain undiscovered. What if you take the “wrong” path, and discover that it just takes you through the edge of the woods and straight into a paved parking lot? You might feel a bit frustrated, but so what? You can always retrace your steps and then choose the other path. Which would be better — to stand frozen with indecision, or to choose the “wrong” path and have to start over?

Think about how this symbolizes the way we often block ourselves from the miracles in life. Have you ever thought about something that you really wanted to do, but you weren’t quite sure how to start? What if you didn’t do it right? What if you made a mistake?

Here’s a great quote to think about by George Bernard Shaw:

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable but more useful than a life spent in doing nothing.

Please do something! There’s nothing wrong with “choosing the wrong path”. You just turn around and retrace your steps, and choose a different path. You will have grown and learned something from the whole experience! Try not to let fear of making a mistake keep you stuck!

Remember the picture of this fern-filled paradise, and learn to go for it! You will be amazed what opportunities appear when you choose a path! Be open to the possibility of making mistakes!

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