How often do you play?  My husband and I were out for a walk the other morning, and came upon this swing, hanging from a large tree in a field.  It made me think of how often we, as adults, take life so seriously that we forget how to play.

Our lives get way out of balance when everything we do has a purpose and a goal.  We’re too often focused on the destination, and forget about making the most of our journey.  I talk quite a bit with my clients about the benefit of getting out in nature, being in the moment, and taking time to do something that has no purpose other than to have fun.  It’s so restorative!  Our lives are made up of moments, and we make choices every day about how to spend them.

One good choice is to play.  It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it’s fun.  It helps to have kids around, because they’re such experts at play.  They’re great teachers!  When our youngest grandchildren visit, it’s great to see how much fun they have with their imaginary play.  They don’t need fancy toys.  They just need their imagination.

What fun could you dream up if you allowed yourself?  Would you be willing to make time to play?  Schedule in some free time this weekend, and see what your spirit comes up with.  Connect with your inner child, and for awhile, don’t worry about your grown-up duties.  Go have fun!

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