I have a wonderful treat for all of you — particularly those of you who are young at heart! Many of us take life pretty seriously as adults, but it’s great to have an opportunity to take a mini-vacation from all of that seriousness. With very few exceptions, there are things that just make us smile with happiness — no matter what.  This is one of them.  This is guaranteed to help you be happy with yourself, just the way you are!

I want to share a wonderful video that made me smile when I first saw it, even though I was having some frustrating back issues at the time.  Now that my back feels better, I’m smiling a bit brighter, but the smile was there all along.  (As a disclosure, I want to say that the singer and creator of the video is a family friend — although I’ve never met her in person.)  Please enjoy the song, the singer, the message, the beautiful scenery, and all the smiling kids!  It’s called “Perfekt As U R” and the singer is Robyn McCorquodale, and with her are the Perfekt Kids.  Just click on the Highlighted area to go to the video.

Robyn wrote the song, as she does most of the songs she sings.  I love the message! It’s very empowering and, at the same time, freeing.  The song says that we are all enough, just the way we are.  All we need to do is look at ourselves and our lives, with love and acceptance.  Love and acceptance allows us to celebrate the miracles of our lives — and others’ lives!  Some of the phrases in the song are: “letting go, let it come easy, be kind, love will take you far, don’t get in your way, shift your way of thinking!”

Those are all messages that I’ve written about so many times in this blog.  Life is so beautiful when we look through eyes of love, acceptance, and celebration!  I often talk about “seeing” with our hearts, and I think this video carries the same message.  Thank you, Robyn, for an amazing video, and for allowing me to share it with my readers!  (For those of you that would like to check out Robyn’s website, you can click here.)

The next time that you notice that you’re feeling down on yourself, think of this video — replaying it would be even better —  and lighten up, be kind to yourself, love yourself just the way you are!  Your life is a miracle!  Celebrate it!

Until next time,


* I would love to have you take the time to let me know how you enjoyed the video, and what thoughts it brought up for you!  Just click on the “comments” button.  For those of you getting this post by email or RSS feed, you should be able to click on the title and go right to the blog, where you can click on the “comments” button.


  • Thank you, Amber. What a great comment! I appreciate your kind words. I’m glad you like both the post and the video. The song is definitely “fun and engaging” — and full of wisdom! Please check in with your great comments any time.


  • Love this video! Thanks so much for sharing it Linda. Robyn is very talented. The music makes me feel lighter and full of joy. We can all use a reminder to love ourselves just the way we are. We’re so hard on ourselves, aren’t we? I’m saving this link so I can play it whenever I need a lift! Thanks again!

  • Thank you, Renee. I’ve watched that video I don’t know how many times — many, many — and every time, it just buoys me up and makes me feel happy. You described it perfectly: “makes me feel lighter and full of joy!” I have it bookmarked, so I can click on it any time I want! I’m glad you’ve saved the link. I’ll have to ask Robyn if the song is available through iTunes. Thank you for commenting so beautifully!


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