June 3rd is my birthday.  I don’t normally announce that, but this year I’m making an exception.  I’ve worked with so many people who struggle when their birthdays come around, that I thought it might be a good idea to write about birthdays, and what they might mean.

Our thoughts about birthdays tend to change as we age.  For very young children, it’s about the party and the presents.  For teens, it’s about getting old enough to have more freedom and privileges.  By the time we hit middle-age, though, it tends to become associated with the dawning realization that the years are going by rather quickly.  The older we get the faster time seems to fly!

As times goes by, birthdays can bring about thoughts of what might have been.  We form certain images in our minds of what we think our lives should be like by the time we get to be ____.  Fill in the blank with whatever age comes to mind.  When we get to be that age, and the reality is different than our imaginings, it can be difficult to accept.  It doesn’t have to be, though.

Birthdays can be a wonderful time of reflection!  When our focus is on the blessings of life, whether large or small, we can look back over the year since our last birthday, and rejoice over the good times.  We can learn from the times that weren’t quite as good.  The best life lessons come from the mistakes we’ve made, and the times when things didn’t go quite the way we thought they would.
As I’m writing this, it’s late in the evening of June 2nd.  The house is quiet, with the exception of some soft music playing in the background.  I’m thinking about all the things that have happened this last year.  Much of the year has been good.  Unfortunately, some of the year has held great pain.  Our family has had some serious sorrow that we’ve had to face, but we’ve also had blessings, as we’ve come together to give strength and comfort to each other.

For me personally, I’ve learned many truths along the way.  My faith and my appreciation of life have deepened.  I don’t take anyone or anything for granted!  I’ve learned how quickly life can change.  I’ve learned to truly appreciate this moment, because it’s the only one that any of us are guaranteed.

As I sit here thinking of my blessings, these top my list:  Most of my family and I are basically healthy and physically safe.  I have people (both young and old) that I love — and that love me.  I have a home and the necessities of life.  I have work that I truly believe in.  I have things that I feel passionate about.  I have an active mind, and I enjoy learning and growing.  I am blessed!

What about the year to come?  I have my dreams, and my heartfelt wishes!  Some center on my own personal journey through life, and some on the hopes and dreams I have for my family!    Others center on the world and all the people in it!  I dream, and I pray, for a safer, healthier, more peaceful, and gentler world –– a world where each person, no matter where, is able to have the same wonderful blessings that I’ve been given.

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  • Happy Birthday, Linda! Thanks for sharing your gratitudes! “Birthday” was on my mind yesterday, since it was also my sister’s birthday. We seem to have a lot of synchronicity in our lives, which I have enjoyed reflecting on through your blog.
    Dr. Lynn K. Jones, Certified Personal and Executive Coach

  • Thank you for the birthday wish, Lynn! I’m glad that you enjoyed the post. I think we do have a lot of synchronicity in our lives. We need to get together sometime and compare notes! I hope your sister had a happy day yesterday! It’s fun to know that we share a birthday!! What’s her name? Tell her that I send a belated birthday wish her way!!


  • Linda,

    Happy Belated Birthday!! 🙂

    I do tend to “take inventory” each year, and since my latter 30s, this created some anguish, and I struggled, as you mentioned above.

    Like you, my family is mainly healthy and active, though our lives have included some pain in the past couple of year.

    My thought is that there will always be give and take. I’m prepared for that.

    Something I started doing is forgetting how chronologically old I am. This seems to work for me. I know I’m over 40, but when someone asks my true age….I’ve forgotten. Originally due to the new “Adult ADD” but I’m going with it. I’m happier and I evaluate and ponder what is most important.

    36 was a good year. I’m tempted to just tell people I’m 36. (I don’t have to be 29). I’m saying this with a bit of humor. However, in 20 years, I can’t wait to see the look on other 36 year old faces!! 😀

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and humoring mine…

    Happy birthday!!


  • Hi Keri,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog — and for your birthday wish! I always love to “meet” new readers!! You’re right. There is always going to be a “give and take.” It’s the ying and yang of life. Experiences will come and go. Our focus and reaction are the things we have power to control, though.

    I love your sense of humor about aging! I think as long as you greet life, and all you meet as you journey through it, with a warm, wonderful smile on your face, you will be a beautiful 36 yr. old in 20 yrs.! 🙂 Enjoy the adventure, Keri!

    Thanks again for coming by — and I hope you found it worthwhile enough to come back!


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