In less than two weeks, our 2016 U.S. Presidential Election will take place.  Most people who I’ve spoken with, say they will be very grateful to have the mean-spirited campaigns come to an end.  Many people have been feeling increasingly stressed by the pervasive anger and hostility between the two main parties and their supporters.

The media coverage brings all of that intensity into our very own homes.  We view it on our televisions, hear it on our radios, and read it in our newspapers.  We can even access news on our computers and smart phones.  It’s possible to have an almost constant barrage of political storms circling around us!

The months leading up to this election have created an unprecedented amount of tension and polarization among people living in the United States.  It has led to discord and harsh words spoken between friends, co-workers, and even in our closest intimate relationships.  Once spoken, words can not be taken back.  They can leave a long-lasting mark on relationships.

My clients speak about their anxiety and fears for the future, if one candidate — or the other, should be elected.  They hear the doomsayers preach their dire warnings of what’s going to happen if so-and-so should get into office.  The intensity and frequency of these warnings can be overwhelming to many.

To lower your stress levels, think about where your control lies.  (My last post had a lot of information about this, and a free downloadable worksheet.)  Please do yourself a favor, and cut back on your exposure time. Limit the amount of news coverage you watch, listen to, or read about. You do need to be informed, but not immersed in all of the heavy rhetoric.

And the most important thing that we can all do is to go out and vote on election day!  Unless you’ve already voted with mail-in ballots, be sure you go to the polls on November 8th, and make your voice heard.

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