Personal Empowerment

April 30, 2009areas of control, attitude and focus, choices, empowerment

My goal when working with clients is always their personal empowerment. I begin, by helping them get a better understanding of their areas of control. A picture can be worth a thousand words, as they say. I usually have them draw 3 circles, one inside the other. The first should be a very large circle. … Read More

The Gift of This Moment

April 13, 2009anxiety, attitude and focus, fears, resources

How many of us really live in the moment — this present moment? It can be difficult to do. We often spend too many precious moments rummaging around through the attic of our past, or journeying to the distant shores of our future. When we’re focusing on either the past or the future, we’re missing … Read More

Life’s Twists and Turns

April 6, 2009attitude and focus, choices, comfort zone, resiliency, resources

There are few people who have not experienced increased stress during these tough economical times, but even during these times, it’s possible to continue to grow and develop into a stronger, more complete you. No matter what life’s challenges you might be facing, you can triumph over them! There’s a beautiful little book that I … Read More