Our Reality Is Created by Our View of It

July 24, 2016communication problems, couple's therapy, empowerment, marital therapy, stress management

This quote, found in the Talmud, helps us understand that there can be many different realities.  Each person views what is happening through their own unique perception, which is molded by all of their previous life experiences. It’s almost like wearing different tinted sunglasses.  For someone wearing sunglasses with a blue tint, things will have … Read More

Making Assumptions Is Almost Guaranteed to Create Problems!

August 25, 2013communication problems, couple's therapy, intimacy, marital therapy, relationship issues

There’s one commonality in many of the couples that I’ve worked with through the years, and that’s the tendency to make assumptions.  I’ve heard so many say, “I just assumed …”  Many times their joint patterns of making assumptions have created a lot of problems for them, and for their relationships! An important part of … Read More