Thanksgiving and Our Many Blessings

November 24, 2015blessings, connections, depression, holidays, santa barbara therapist, self-talk, sorrow, stress management

We shouldn’t need a special day  to think about our blessings, but Thanksgiving does tend to turn our thoughts toward being grateful.  It’s easy to do that when things are going well.  But what about when we’re overwhelmed with struggles? I think that’s when remembering to count our blessings is more important than ever!  Our … Read More

Appreciate the Moments of Your Life!

December 3, 2014change, connections, focus, frustrations, happiness, love, relationship issues, sadness

I so often encourage people to appreciate all the moments that they’re given, because life can change in an instant.  Our family has learned that the hard way, as we’ve gone through many traumatic times together.  We’ve had loved ones battle cancer and other serious health crises, and grieved unexpected family losses from tragic accidents … Read More

My Walk Down Memory Lane

August 28, 2014blessings, connections, empowerment, happiness

I’m away on my sentimental journey this week and next.  Today, I spent several hours in the little town of Knoxville, Illinois.  My grandmother spent her whole life here, and I spent quite a bit of my childhood visiting her. It was a magical place to me as a child!  There was a wonderful lake … Read More