Thanksgiving is Only One Day!

November 25, 2013blessings, choices, focus, holidays

It’s great that we have this one day set aside to really turn our focus toward the gratitude we feel for our blessings!  But what about the other 364 days? What can help us to shift our thoughts and attention on those days?  We need to turn from the petty annoyances, and even from the … Read More

The Sadness of Holidays

December 10, 2011anxiety, connections, depression, grief, holidays, sadness, self-care, sorrow

Do you ever walk down neighborhood streets at night, and think about the warm glowing scenes you see through the uncovered windows?  I do!  I like to imagine the happiness inside those homes!  Sometimes, though, that isn’t the reality contained within.  Particularly at holidays, the scene can look festive, but the feelings inside people aren’t … Read More