A Loved One’s End of Life

April 30, 2013anxiety, fears, grief, love, relationship issues

In my last post, I talked about being involved with end of life issues with my mom.  Her health had deteriorated sharply, and I went up to be with her on April 16th.  She took her last breath at 8 a.m. on April 23rd.  During those last few days, she was often unresponsive, due to … Read More

Do You Value the Gift of Life Each Day?

July 21, 2012blessings, fears, grief, love, sadness, sorrow

We all feel so much sorrow over the terrible tragedy that took place in Aurora, Colorado, and we send our prayers to those personally affected by it.  So many lives were lost, and many more lives will never be the same.  It breaks our hearts to think about this violence, and the traumatic aftermath. At … Read More