Unplug Occasionally for a Deeper Sense of Peace and a Quieter Mind

August 31, 2010areas of control, attitude and focus, balance, change, choices, meaningful moments, mindfulness

Do you feel peaceful and relaxed while you’re on your computer, iPad, smart phone, etc.?  Are you really in the moment, when you’re plugged into some type of technology? I spend quite a bit of time on the computer doing online marketing, social media updates, writing this blog, and keeping up with email.  I don’t … Read More

“Unplugged” Holiday — Lots of Rest, Relaxation, and Family

September 21, 2009anxiety, balance, choices, depression, empowerment, meaningful moments, relationship issues, stress management

It’s been over a week since you’ve heard from me. That’s because I was taking my own advice, and managing my stress by taking some time out to rest, relax, and enjoy family that I don’t get to see often enough. We just got back from a music festival. It was great fun!! There’s just … Read More