Living in the Moment

May 29, 2016anxiety, depression, mindfulness, well-being

My last post was about the gift of a day, and the power we have to make even very difficult situations be less stressful.  This post is focusing even smaller.  This is about the moments of our lives.  If we can truly learn how to be emotionally, mentally, and physically present in each moment, our … Read More

Living More Mindfully

May 20, 2014focus, mindfulness, multitasking, self-care, stress

I was just talking today to Maria Schonder, a Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator, owner of Love Your Food, Love Yourself, Love Your Life.  We were talking about the importance of mindfulness.  To be mindful, you need to be really present with whatever you’re doing. If you’re mindfully eating, it means that you’re eating slowly … Read More