Fear of Change!

May 15, 2016anxiety, change, empowerment, fears, stress

So many people want to stay with what’s familiar to them.  No matter how unsatisfying and even frustrating something might be, familiarity conveys a certain sense of safety for most of us.  As humans, staying with what we know can have an almost magnetic pull.  And the thought of stepping off that cliff, into the … Read More

Living More Mindfully

May 20, 2014focus, mindfulness, multitasking, self-care, stress

I was just talking today to Maria Schonder, a Natural Chef and Nutrition Educator, owner of Love Your Food, Love Yourself, Love Your Life.  We were talking about the importance of mindfulness.  To be mindful, you need to be really present with whatever you’re doing. If you’re mindfully eating, it means that you’re eating slowly … Read More