If you’re a woman, aged 50 or above, and live in the Santa Barbara area, this post is for you!  If you want your life to get better — easier, and ultimately more joyful, call me (805-569-0264) about the new women’s group forming.  This can be a wonderful opportunity to increase your happiness and sense of connection with others!  Don’t keep feeling alone and lonely!

I love helping my individual clients (and couples) move forward in their lives through therapy!  I’ll be continuing that, but I’m ready to start offering groups also.  There’s a wonderful, shared energy in a group of people coming together to support, inspire, and learn from each other.

No matter your age or personal life situation, you can learn how to thrive!  It’s never too late to follow a dream and make it happen, or to turn your life around — if that’s what’s needed.  Life can get easier, more peaceful, more enjoyable, and deeply satisfying.

Here’s what you need, if you want to create change:

  • Inspiration
  • Desire
  • Patience
  • New Choices
  • Ample Support

This group can provide the atmosphere you need to get started.  You can begin to see life differently with the very first meeting!  Give me a call (805-569-0264) for more information, and to reserve your spot — seating will be limited, so call as soon as possible.  Please share this information with any woman aged 50 and above, who lives in, or near, Santa Barbara, and might benefit from this Circle of Caring.

*  Probable starting date — March 27, 2014  

You don’t have to be alone and lonely!   Come, Join our Circle!

Until next time,



    • I’m glad this sounds good to you, Koren. If you would like to be part of this group, please call or email me. Phone: 805-569-0264 and email linda@counselinginsb.com I need to get an idea of the size of the group, so that I know how big a space to plan on using.


    • Thank you, Linda! Please pass the information on to anyone that you think might benefit from the group.


  • I saw that you want to have a quick consultation with each attendee before the group meets. I think that is a wonderful idea so that the group as a whole can benefit not only from your help, but also from each other in a cohesive way. I truly believe in what you are doing to help the mental, emotional, and even physical health of our community.

    • Thank you, Lisa! It’s very important to me that each person has a good experience being part of the group. Too many people feel alone with their struggles, and that makes everything feel worse. The connections that will form will empower and comfort.


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