I love the energy that gets exchanged when people come together to discuss something meaningful!  This morning I met with Kevin Bourke, of Bourke Wealth Management, and Naomi Kovacs, of Santa Barbara Village.  Both Kevin and Naomi are wonderful people, who care about the seniors of our community, and work toward improving their lives in various ways.

As a Santa Barbara therapist, I specialize in helping people who have lost sight of the power they have to turn their lives around.  I was looking forward to meeting with Kevin and Naomi to hear their thoughts about how their individual work helps to create a new shift for people.  They both specialize in empowerment, but come at it in slightly different ways.

We talked about a variety of things during our time together, but the general theme was how we might each help people create a supportive foundation that allows them to be their best selves — happy, healthy, and passionate about their lives.  This foundation will look different, depending on the person’s individual strengths, needs, and interests.  But we all benefit from having meaningful support and connections, no matter our age, or personal life situation.

Everyone has the power to improve their own corner of the world!  I really believe that, and I love that others have the same belief system.  Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference!  What can you do to create a shift in your own life?  Who can you get together with to create miracles in others’ lives?  Give it some thought, and see if you can’t move forward in some type of action.

I loved my time with Kevin and Naomi, and I look forward to coming together with them again in the future.  We all become stronger and wiser when we connect with others!  I felt enriched by our conversation this morning, and I hope in some way that I was able to share something of value with each of them.

What blessing did you have today?  Be grateful for it!

Until next time,



  • Hi Linda,
    When people approach one another from a mindset that is collaborative and value-added, what Steven Covey characterized as “win-win,” vs “what’s in it for me,” it is amazing what can result! Thanks for highlighting that and what it difference it made in your day!

    • I agree, Lynn. We all have more power and ability to make a positive difference when we come together, and share our worldviews and our individual talents and strengths.

      Thank you for your comment,


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