OK everyone. It’s the weekend, so take a few minutes to get in touch with your creative side. If you don’t have a set of bright, colorful magic markers, now’s the time to go buy some. They’re called magic for a reason! You’re going to create magic with those markers!

Grab a sheet of plain white paper and draw a large circle. Hint: You can always cheat and get a large bowl to draw around, if you need to! This circle is going to represent your day. Inside, you’re going to divide it into pie-shaped segments that represent what you do in a typical 24 hours.

Each section will have a label stating how you spend that portion of your day. Hopefully, everyone will have close to a 1/3 of their circle sectioned off and labeled Sleep! Each of you will have a unique pie chart, reflecting your day. For instance, it will vary depending on whether you have kids or not, and whether you work outside your home, etc.

Right now is a great time to consider how you could creatively choose to spend your time. Refresh your memory, if you need to, by re-reading Part 1 of Creating Balance (blog entry for May 14th). Be sure and put in time for rest and relaxation, for close relationships, for self-care, and for spirituality and self-growth.

You might want to make several pie charts. One for the way you have been spending your days up until now. One for short term changes you’re willing to make right away. Remember the power of small steps! Best of all, make a chart for the kind of day that you want to work toward.

Have fun with this! Make your creations visibly satisfying. No one says you can’t make stripes, polka dots, and any other pattern you can imagine. Use lots of bright colors. When you’re done, hang your creations up where you can see them to inspire you to create better balance in your life, one day at a time! Enjoy your masterpieces! If they help you make changes, then you’ve created magic! Let me know how this goes. I can’t wait to hear what you discover!


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