Is your life — perfectly balanced? Probably not, because although many of us reach for perfect balance, we need to accept that it’s an impossibility!

We can, though, improve the balance of our life. All too often, our life is skewed too much one way or another. I often talk with people, both men and women, who are “workaholics”. With very straight faces they tell me that they don’t have even 15 minutes a day to just relax. I ask them what they do for fun, and they look at me as if I were speaking a foreign language. I look into their eyes, and their eyes tell the story. They’re tired, and they’re stressed! If that’s your life, you seriously need to look at the choices you’re making. How long would you be able to drive your car, for instance, if you never took time to fill it with gas and make sure it had good maintenance care? You can’t ignore your own self care and expect to stay healthy and happy!

I talked with a woman yesterday, who lost her home in our recent fire. She said that she’d always been a workaholic her whole adult life, but since the fire, she’s been doing a lot of thinking about how she wants to live from now on. She’s had a real wake up call! Don’t wait for an emergency to re-examine the choices you’re making.

How many special moments are you missing, because you’re driving yourself too hard? How many meaningful relationships are you compromizing, because you don’t allow yourself enough down time? What health risks are you building up to, because you’re under too much stress?

Please don’t wait for a disaster to open your eyes to how short life can be! Take this very minute and look toward the future, your future, and create a better balance — starting right now!


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