It’s hard to let go of what’s familiar!  There’s a comfort in staying with what we know, but it can also keep us stuck.

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning.” Ivy Baker Priest

In order to fly free, this butterfly has to let go!  Think of how tight and constricted his surroundings were just a short time ago.  As soon as his wings are fully dry, he will be free to lift himself into the air, and float from flower to flower.  Not too long ago, he was a caterpillar, limited to crawling around on the ground.

What are you clinging to that keeps you from soaring to new heights?  Allow yourself to think for a minute what your life could be like, if you simply let go of what’s constricting you.

Give yourself the chance to have a new beginning!  Let go of old habits, or old ways of being, that aren’t working for you anymore.  Take time to get yourself centered, and then gently try something new.  One small step at a time can bring you a whole new worldview.

What are you waiting for?  This “stuck place” isn’t the ending!  Trust in yourself.  Trust in the universe, and watch yourself learn how to soar!

Until next time,


* Photo credit on this post goes to my husband, Jerry Menesez!


  • Thank you, Susan! I’m glad my words had meaning for you. I will pass your thanks on to Jerry. It takes a lot of patience (or persistence)to be near the chrysalis, with a camera, just at the right time to catch the butterfly when it emerges – and before it flies off! Nature is so amazing – and such a great teacher!


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