Do you live your life according to your values? Do you put the most time, energy and focus into what means the most to you? It’s so easy to get swept along with the busyness of life. There are so many people and things competing for our attention, and we may, without realizing it, have gotten off on the wrong path.

My last entry was focused on the impact of too much daily pressure. In order to slow down and have time to breathe, we need to figure out what our top priorities are, and the best way to do that is to look at what is the nearest and dearest to our hearts. I’ve mentioned Sara Caputo of Radiant Organizing before, but this time I want to refer back to a blog entry she wrote regarding what she calls Your Core Four. She writes about the importance of living your life so that your days revolve around the four elements that have the greatest meaning to you.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and burned out, you might look at how you’re prioritizing your time, attention and focus. When there’s a disconnect between our core values and our daily activities, we are not going to feel calm, fulfilled, and joyful.

As we grow and develop through our varied life experiences, we begin to view life from a different perspective. It may be that the way you live your life is consistent with an old, outgrown world view. It’s almost as if you’re trying to fit into a piece of clothing that you outgrew a long time ago. You might succeed in getting it on, but it will feel uncomfortable and constraining.

When life doesn’t feel like it’s supporting you comfortably, look around and see what needs changing. It may be time to change your priorities. You have the power to make life less hectic and exhausting. It’s all about the daily choices you make.

I can promise that you will feel less busy and less pressured when you live your life in a way that honors your true self. Just because your patterns feel familiar doesn’t mean that they’re working well for you. Don’t sleep walk through life!

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