How do you feel about your own aging?  Is it something that you struggle with, or are you dealing with it from a place of calm acceptance, and even sometimes with a sense of humor?  With aging, comes wisdom from various life lessons, but it also can challenge us in many ways.  It can bring fear, frustration, and sadness, from changing abilities and losses.  Or, it can bring relief, peace of mind, and deep satisfaction, from shifted priorities and petty worries that we’ve let go.

Whether aging is something positive or negative depends on many things.  Some of these variables are individual life situations, health status, personal connections, monetary levels, interests and passions, and belief systems around aging.

We live in such a youth culture, that many older people feel on the sidelines.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  What do you think are some of the important things to have in place, so that as you age, you can maintain a sense of interest and involvement in life?  Do you know people who can serve as good role models for how to age successfully?

I was sitting yesterday having coffee with a friend who will be 85 on her next birthday, which is only a few weeks away.  Eva had just returned from a trip to Canada to see friends and family.  This is a woman who struggles with pretty intense back pain, and uses a cane to get around, but she doesn’t let it dictate how she lives her life.

As she sat telling me about her trip, her eyes were sparkling, and there was a steady smile that lit up her face.  Part of that was because she had thoroughly enjoyed her time with loved ones, but I think an even bigger part was because of the personal satisfaction she felt from having set an intention, and having followed through with it.

She has always loved to travel, and is infinitely interested in the people, places, and things around her, no matter where she is.  She didn’t want to give that up!  She knows she has health issues, and she knew the trip might be hard on her, but she also knew she wanted to go.  She set her mind on having the trip be all that it could be — and it was!

Having met that challenge, and having had a wonderful time, she was proud of what she had achieved.  I could see it in her face.  Better yet, I could feel it in her spirit!  There was such a lightness about her.  I loved that!

Do you know someone like Eva?  Someone who can inspire you to live life without so many hesitations and road blocks put in the way.  If you do — watch, listen, and learn.  Such a person is a tremendous gift!  Be grateful for the blessing!

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* The photo isn’t of Eva, but of another woman (unknown) with the same gentle, thoughtful expression on her face.

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  • Aging has been an adventure. There’s certainly a mix of good and bad, and a whole lot of changes! But it’s the natural process of life, and like Eva, you gotta take it on with a smile.

    Calla Gold

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