We all make poor choices occasionally. But when there’s a pattern of  poor choices, it’s time to look a little deeper. What’s going on when we consistently behave in ways we don’t feel good about, in ways that may even fill us with shame and regret?

We all have different parts to our personality. Some parts are better known to us than others. Some parts are more acceptable. These are usually the parts that are consistent with our core values.

Other parts create a discomfort in us. They tend to be much less known. We may be more comfortable closing our minds to these parts.

Self-knowledge is power, though! The more we can suspend judgement, while developing a better understanding and deeper acceptance of ourselves — of our complete selves — the better.

There’s much to be gained! We can learn how to make our day-to-day choices with a greater awareness. We can better understand our intentions and motivations. We can sort out the possible consequences, both short-term and long-term, ahead of time, and avoid major pitfalls.

When we can make choices in this way, our lives become easier and more comfortable.  We’re calmer. We feel less pulled in different directions. It’s well worth whatever effort in takes to reach this point. If you’d like help, let me know.

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*Photo credit goes to Peggy Brockman

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