We are so lucky to get a new chance every single day to do things right!  Most of us have some sense of what we need to do to have wellness for ourselves, but doing those things on a consistent basis can be a bit challenging.  Knowing and doing can be two very different matters!

Recently, I had this become an inescapable truth for me, and not for the first time either.  I know that I feel best when I do something physically active every day, such as going for a brisk walk. It gets me outdoors.  I hear the birds singing, feel the breeze on my cheeks, and see the beautiful flowers all around.  It feeds my mind, body, and spirit.  As I said, though, knowing and doing aren’t necessarily the same thing.

Unfortunately, I am by nature a fairly sedentary person.  When I have  scheduled a too busy day, I tend to let the walking slide.  Once I’ve done that a day or two in a row, it’s a fairly rapid slide to get out of the habit for longer time periods.  Before I know it, too many days have gone by without me getting out and about to enjoy fresh air, scenery and exercise.

I, also, have a tendency to get really focused on whatever I’m doing,   From past experience, I’ve learned that I need to get up from the computer, or from the book I’m reading, and every 20 to 30 minutes move around for a bit.  When I forget to do this for a few days in a row, and I haven’t gone for my daily walks either, I start having back problems.  That’s exactly what happened to me a couple weeks ago.  Back spasms are not fun!

Now, that I have again had my memory jogged, I am hoping that I can go forward a bit wiser.  I have really good intentions!  Maybe this will be the time that I make up my mind to follow through until I have a solid habit built.

I love going for walks, particularly out in nature.  I recommend this to my clients all the time, when they’re struggling with anxiety or depression.  Being physically active is good for all of us.  It helps to bring about mind, body, and spirit wellness.  Because I believe this so strongly, I get really frustrated when my actions aren’t consistent with my beliefs.

So, tomorrow is a new day.  What can you do differently to improve your overall wellness?  What do you know you should do, but you don’t?  Tomorrow you get a new chance to focus on mind, body, and spirit wellness!  Be sure you make the right choice for you!  For me — I’m going out bright and early for a walk!

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  • Just gone through your blog on on Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness, found it impressive. Going through your blog is the best part of my day.

  • What a nice comment, Rose! Thank you for starting off my day so beautifully! Please share your thoughts on my blog anytime. Enjoy this wonderful day.

    Take good care,

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