How many of you, who are parents, remember driving somewhere with your kids, when you were hot, tired, and really stressed out?  Probably most of you!  If your children are young, you may have times like that right now.  It’s easy to get impatient, and not be at your best.  What if you could have a different mindset, ready to be really present and able to connect at a heart level?

Jean Steel, an amazing writer, speaker, and teacher, shared this story with me on my Facebook business page, in response to my last blog post.  It was just too touching to not share with all of you.  Here’s Jean’s story about what I call “Magic Moments”, and my response.  Jean wrote:

“I call these ‘perfect moments’.  I used to assign my Sacramento State students to write down 10 perfect moments a week.  

One gal wrote about her drive home, hot and sweaty due to not having air conditioning in the summer in Sacramento.  She was a single mom, her daughter was strapped in the car sear in back.  

My student was stressed, weaving through horrible traffic, needing to go to the store, thinking of all she needed to do when she got home, and when would she have the time to study?  All of the sudden, her daughter says, ‘Mommy.’  She looks in the review mirror, and her daughter says, ‘I love you.’  

She wrote that was a perfect moment.  She also said she was worried that she recognized it just because I had assigned it that day.  She said, ‘Honestly, I normally would have said, ‘Honey, mommy needs to concentrate.’  

Reading that was a perfect moment for ME!”    

My reply to her was as follows:

“Oh, my gosh, Jean!  Look how you changed that moment for both of them — and who knows, maybe having recognized that moment, maybe you helped her change the future course of their lives!  I actually got tears in my eyes as I read what you wrote.  

I’m so glad that you gave your students that assignment!  Looking at the moments of our lives differently can send out huge ripples of new awareness, and help to create healthier stories for all of us.”

Please share more stories with us.  We all need help in remembering to look for those “Magic Moments” in our days.

I was thinking of this concept today when I got home from the grocery store, and was washing the cherries I had just bought.  I held up one large dark red one, and marveled at the beautiful, rich color.  When I bit into it, I was so conscious of how juicy, and perfectly sweet it was!  I was really able to be in that moment, and appreciate how great it tasted — and how healthy it was.  Those special moments don’t have to be huge.  They just have to be really noticed and appreciated!

I’ll be sharing more moments, as we go along, so please leave a comment here, or send an email to, or join my Facebook business page and comment there.  What was your “Magic Moment” today?

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