Our world can be very cruel, and so often we don’t know what sorrows others may be carrying.  When we spread kindness, it can heal a wounded heart, or give someone the courage to continue moving forward, or simply let another know we care.

We all need kindness, whether we’re struggling or not.  We need sunny smiles, gentle voices, a soft touch!  We might need a helping hand, or some supportive words.  There are so many ways to be kind!

Think about the kindnesses that have been shown to you throughout your life.  Think about how they made you feel.  It takes very little time, energy, or thought to reach out with kindness, and it can make a world of difference.

What seeds of kindness can you sow today?  Have you thought about what those seeds might produce in time?  How can your kindness create more kindness, so that the circle continues to grow wider, and reach more people in need?

We’re all interconnected, and we all respond to kindness, no matter what!   Little by little, we can each make a difference.  Let’s make the world more gentle, loving, and caring.  And let’s start in this very moment!

Until next time,

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