“Follow Me Through the Dark, and You Won’t Get Lost.”  Think about the wisdom of these words!  Some people live their whole lives, and never have the depth of understanding of this soon to be 11 year old.  Both the chalk drawing and the quote that goes with it were done by my granddaughter, Isabella Marie.  It’s an original thought that she came up with, and I’m very proud of her!  She’s always loved to draw, but I didn’t know what a philosopher she’s become.

So many people are struggling through sorrows, and have no idea where to turn.  What a blessing it would be, if there was someone who gently said, “Follow Me Through the Dark, and You Won’t Get Lost.”  Do you know anyone who needs to hear that — someone who is wandering through the darkness?  Could you reach out your hand and be the one to say, “Follow Me?”  Just gently hold out your hand and let your voice be heard.

Do you need someone to whisper, “Follow Me” to you?  Are you feeling alone and confused?  Do you have the courage to let it be known that you’re feeling lost and afraid?  Wouldn’t it be comforting to have another’s guidance?

We need each other — no matter what our age!  In good times and bad, we need each other.  There are so many ways to reach out and connect.  Sometimes we need to lead, and other times, we need to follow.  Share your strength, your wisdom, your caring with others!  It isn’t hard.  It’s a bit harder to share your needs, but it’s possible.  It just takes faith — the faith of a wise and loving child to lead the way! 

Until next time,


*Thank you, Isa, for giving me permission to share your wisdom and caring.  I love you very much!  

** Photo credit goes to Isa’s dad (and my son), John Menesez, who is also loved very much!**


  • Thank you, Linda, for sharing this moving message. Very timely for all the darkness that fell upon Vancouver this past week. Thank you for this poignant and meaningful message that touches the heart and encourages us to reach out and help each other and allow each other to help us when in need.

  • You’re very welcome. The picture and words touched my heart from Isa’s original drawing, and I was happy to have a way to share them with others.

    I know it’s been a hard week for all of you in Vancouver. It was a dark moment in time, for sure, but what happened doesn’t define Vancouver, or the loving people who call it home. A shift in focus can turn this sad experience into an opportunity for growth and learning for many.

    Be well, Robyn. It may be time to put last week behind you, and move forward in love and lightness — just as you did before. Let that healing light show, so others can find their way.


  • What a nice comment, Calla! Thank you. She’s an amazing young girl! She has a lot of depth, and I’m sure that it will serve her and others well through the years.

    Life is richer, more satisfying, and lots easier when we help each other along the way! I know you agree.

    Take care,

  • This young lady is wise beyond her years! You must be proud Linda! We all have times in our life that we need someone to come along side of us and take our hand to help us through the dark.

  • Thank you, Carol. You’re right. I’m very proud of Isa! She’s a beautiful young girl, inside and out. She’s loving, kind, loyal, and wise!

    I’m so glad that she knows the importance of people being there for each other when they’re needed. It’s an important lesson to learn.

    Thank you again for taking the time to comment,


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