How long has it been since you’ve done something to help yourself feel contented and peaceful? Most of us get so caught up in the hectic pace of our lives, that we forget to take time to restore our inner sense of balance. How long can you keep giving before you become empty? It’s an important question. All too many of us get in the routine of just going and going, full steam ahead, until something comes crashing down on us. It might be a relationship that’s in crisis, a sudden or chronic illness, a job loss, problems sleeping, a sense of emptiness, or a myriad of other difficult issues. We have to start prioritizing our own self care, and that means body, soul, and mind.

Each of us is unique. What feeds one person’s soul may be very different from what feeds another. We need to become explorers and find out what works for each of us. It might be connecting with nature, reading a wonderful book, visiting with a special friend, doing something creative, allowing your playful nature to be awakened, or finding a quiet haven and simply sitting down and breathing. Those are just a few ideas. It doesn’t matter what you choose. It matters how it makes you feel.

A quote to help you start celebrating the wonders of this very moment:

“Each day comes bearing its gifts. Untie the ribbons.”

(Author Unknown)


Take time to notice and celebrate your gifts. You have many blessings. Look around and discover them. Fill yourself up with gratitude for life. Don’t live life on auto-pilot. Watch a child at play. Children know how to taste the miracle of the moment!

What is your soul hungry for today?

I wish you a willingness to become filled,


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