So many of us, myself included, thought the pandemic would be long gone by now.  Unfortunately, we were wrong!  How are you coping with this continued change in the way we live our lives?  I have heard a lot of comments lately, by clients and by others, about the impact of Covid-19 on their lives.  Many have lost loved ones, and their grief is normal and understandable.  But even for those who haven’t lost someone dear to them, there are still other losses to grieve.

We’ve lost the innocence of the past, when we felt safe to gather together with friends and family, without any fear of exposure to a serious illness.  We’ve lost the comfort of going to places where lots of people congregate, such as concerts, museums, lectures, workshops, etc.  The safety of freely giving and receiving hugs has been lost.  Even handshakes are not the easy greeting they once were.

Many of us feel unprotected without vaccines, social distancing, wearing masks, and carefully washing our hands.  Our day-to-day lives have been dramatically changed in a myriad of ways.  There’s been a lot of adapting that we’ve needed to do.  People vary in their ability to adapt.  Some find it very difficult to be flexible.

For people who were already struggling with anxiety and/or depression, the pandemic has created an increase in their emotional pain.  There are others who have had a good sense of well-being in the past, but who are now finding their ability to cope being seriously tested.  It’s so important to reach out for help if you’re feeling the need for it.

There is professional help available for those who need it!  Don’t suffer in silence.  Many therapists are doing videotherapy, which guarantees safety for all.  It’s a comfortable and convenient way to talk with a therapist, and receive the support and guidance you might be needing.  My clients love being able to be at home, or in their car, or wherever there’s privacy and WiFi, and still be able to connect with me.

We may not be able to control this pandemic, but there are many ways that we have the power to increase our ability to cope and adapt.

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