My last blog talked about the importance of leaving your comfort zone if you want to grow. How can you do that and still feel safe? Do you open the door and go blindly rushing out? I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty anxiety provoking to me!
There can be a lot of fear when we think about going into the unknown, leaving behind what’s comfortable and secure. Clients come to my Santa Barbara counseling office because they want their lives to become happier, easier, and more fulfilling. Change is a process, though, and it doesn’t happen overnight. My clients soon learn that I believe in change, and that I will help support and guide them through their journey. They, also, learn that I stress the wisdom of moving forward slowly. When you begin to make changes, it is wise to take small steps. This allows you to take the time necessary to build up your confidence with each success you achieve, no matter how tiny. It lets you adapt to change, so that you gain a comfort that you wouldn’t have if you had made major changes before you were ready.
By the time we recognize that our life isn’t working for us, our unhappiness has probably been building for quite awhile. It is usually the cumulative impact of many life experiences that we’ve had, and the choices that we’ve made over time. Expecting to quickly turn things around is not realistic in most instances.
It doesn’t really matter how quickly you reach toward the goals you’ve set for yourself. Our goals are constantly changing as we change. We develop a greater understanding of what life is all about as time goes by. The important thing is that we start our journey!
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