As anyone, who knows me very well, could tell you, I don’t have a very big comfort zone with anything technical!  I keep having to challenge my limited area of comfort in order to grow, both personally and professionally.  I think it’s probably the same for most of you.  As long as we stay on the same tried-and-true path, we limit ourselves.

I’ve had Skype on my computer for quite awhile, and I’ve loved it for being able to “visit” with loved ones who are far away.  It’s wonderful to be able to see them, when we’re talking.  I’ve, also, read about people who use Skype for business, but I’ve steered clear of that.  I told myself that I didn’t want to try it, because…

I finally wound up in a situation in which two of my clients were going to be out of the area, but wanted to still have their sessions.  We discussed doing phone sessions, but I knew I would miss being able to see the non-verbal communication — body language, facial expressions, etc.  I suggested giving Skype a try.  Both thought that was a great idea!  The first session was this morning, and it worked wonderfully.  We got a lot accomplished, and agreed to use Skype again when it’s needed.  The other client’s session will be later this week.

I felt liberated by discovering that this was a very good option when face-to-face sessions aren’t possible.  It was exciting and energizing for me!  I love helping people, and now I’ve found another way to do it1

I’m wondering if there’s any particular way you’re keeping yourself limited by staying carefully within your comfort zone.  Think about how freeing it will be when you challenge your fear, and step away from the narrow path you’ve been on.  There are lessons to be learned, and new paths to create!  Give it a try!!  It can open a whole new world for you!!

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