Being flexible is important!  When I ask how flexible you are, I’m talking about your ability to change and adapt when life throws you a curve.  Can you do it?  Have you done it?  Are you willing to try?

It’s natural to develop a mindset about the way we think things are supposed to be.  Unfortunately, life doesn’t always follow the course we’ve set for it. When it doesn’t, our reaction makes all the difference.  If we rail against it, and mentally stomp our feet, refusing to consider this new reality, we begin to suffer.  The more we flail around, the more suffering we will experience.

It’s true that some things can be changed.  Sometimes our course can be corrected with enough effort, courage, and patience. But not always!  There are times when no matter what we do, or how hard we try, it just isn’t going to happen.  A new reality is taking place, and our acceptance can be crucial.

It’s a real strength to be able to meet life on life’s terms!  Bending without breaking is a wonderful ability.  We all will encounter life changes.  We all will find times when life doesn’t go according to our carefully laid plans.  How will you react when it’s your turn?

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    • That’s great, Linda! Learning to be flexible will make your life so much easier and more joyful, and will set a great example for your kids. Remember that any change is a process, and takes time, with guaranteed missteps along the way!


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