It’s so important to me to be genuine and authentic in all parts of my life.  When I’m sitting with a client, it’s particularly crucial that they feel they can trust me.  I usually feel very comfortable with that.  Sometimes, though, when I hear myself telling someone how important it is to get out and move their body aerobically, I feel a twinge of discomfort!

In this one area, my words and my actions too often don’t match.  I really don’t like that!  I truly believe in the power of physical movement — particularly when done in nature — to help tremendously with overall good physical health and emotional well-being.  It specifically helpful when someone is struggling with depression and/or anxiety.  Spark is a great book, that has a lot of research backing up the importance of exercise on mental and emotion wellness.

I’ve decided that I am literally going to start “walking my talk!”  Little by little, I’ve increased the amount of walking I do.  I’m feeling so much better, since doing that.  I’m sleeping better, and waking up more refreshed.  I have more energy, and my body is moving more freely.  Now, when I talk with a client about the power of movement, I’m happy that I can do it with a better sense of authenticity.

Now there’s a congruence between what I believe, the things I say, and the actions I take.  I like that a lot!  I didn’t like feeling like a hypocrite.  My parents set a terrible example of how to live a healthy lifestyle.  And…they both struggled tremendously with aging.  I don’t have to follow in their footsteps!

I’ve chosen to change, and it’s working beautifully!  I’ve had help in accomplishing this change.  I believe in the importance of support, inspiration, and shared expertise.  I’ve been working with Maria Schonder for several weeks.  She’s a wonderful person to have in your corner!  She’s a nutritionist and chef, and an all-around amazing coach to help people make better health and well-being choices.

Do you want to join me in becoming more active?  I think you would be happy if you did.  I know that I am!  Start out with small changes, so that you can experience feeling successful.  I started out walking 15 minutes a day, four times a week.  You can choose what you want to do.  It might be walking, or it might be biking, swimming, hiking, etc.  Whatever you do, just start moving your body, and have fun doing it!  What do you think?

Until next time,


* Note – The picture is from my walk a couple days ago!


  • Of course I totally agree and am glad to see you are reaping the myriad of benefits of movement. If you liked Spark, check out Dr John Ratey’s new book, Go Wild.

    • Thank you so much, Kymberly! You and Alexandra are two of my inspirations for movement! I love seeing how active you are, by your FB posts, Google+ posts, and emailed blog posts. I’ll check out Dr. Ratey’s new book. I wasn’t aware of it. My daughter-in-law, Linda, bought Spark for me. You and your sister, and (my d.i.l.)Linda all “walk your talk!” : )


    • Thank you, Amy! I’m so glad that my sharing came across like that to you. As a therapist, it’s always a bit challenging to decide how much sharing might be too much sharing. I wanted to be open and honest, so that people could really get that I, also, struggle with doing what I know I need to do sometimes. We’re all a work in progress, as they say!


  • Hi Linda, my dear Mother-in-law 🙂
    I’m so excited to say I’m doing it now- taking the journey to a better, healthier, physically and mentally fit me! You know I worked hard last year to prepare for my first 5K ever, and then the half marathon. Both were great achievements for me. Gradually after the races, I let myself get back into old habits and let my fitness go. Now, you know I never sit still with 3 kids, but even though I’m constantly moving, it isn’t the only type of movement that I need.

    I recently committed to starting my training routine again for the 5K, which will eventually turn into my half marathon (21K) training. Aside from that, I’ve added in strength training and have changed foods I put in my mouth. I love my chocolate, so I allow myself chocolate chips when I want them, cause life would be sad for me without chocolate 🙁 Now, I don’t feel guilty when I have that or other small indulgences when I know they are balanced with an overall clean eating plan.

    Although I am doing the work myself, I have to give credit to a private group that I joined on Facebook that is essentially an accountability group. The members are at all different levels of fitness, doing different workouts, and eating different meals. The core thing we all have in common though, is that we have a focus on becoming healthier, and we all cheer each other on. That kind of support has been so beneficial to me. I was so tired when I woke up this morning and didn’t feel like starting my workout, but reading the other posts from other people facing their own challenges with kids, work, whatever… gave me the pep to get movin’. There is never enough time- not in my life anyway, but I’ve made a choice to make this a priority and to make time. I’ve got kids to keep up with. I need to be healthy!

    So glad you are taking the journey too, Linda.

    Love, Andi

    • Thank you for writing, Andi! I’m so glad that you are prioritizing your health and well-being. Being a mom to 3 young kids takes a lot of energy, and getting healthier will give you that. A permanent change can be challenging. Sometimes we take a few steps backwards before we are able to get regrouped and return to a new way of being. Congratulations on making that decision, and then taking action, with the help of a good support team! As your mother-in-law (and someone who loves you), I’m really proud of you!!


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