We all have those times when the heavy clouds of fear and sorrow begin to drift in and settle down around us.  No one goes through life without them!  If it isn’t your own fear and sorrow, it may be that someone close to your heart is suffering.  How do you handle those times?  The answers are as unique as each and every person.

I wish I could give you a simple plan for moving through those times, but I can’t.  There are a few things that will help though.  If you have your own personal faith, lean into it.  Talk to God as you see Him.  Ask Him to give you strength and guidance.  Sometimes the only thing left to ask for is acceptance.  Be willing to turn whatever is troubling you over to a Higher Power.  Don’t try carrying your burden alone.

Turn to friends and family members.  Choose wisely who you turn to.  Be sure that you, and what you are struggling with, will be received with warmth and caring.  Be sure that they are sturdy enough for you to draw comfort from them.  If there are specific, concrete things that you could use help with, let them know.

So many people find it very difficult to ask for help.  I understand that.  It isn’t easy for me either, but I know that there are times when I really need help.  I, also, know that when I am able to help someone, it makes me feel better about myself.  I’m no different than anyone else.  We all feel good when we are able to be there for others.

Allow nature to soothe and calm you.  Wherever you are, I’m sure there’s somewhere that you can be around beautiful, living, growing things.  Some people love to literally get their hands in the soil and plant flowers or pull weeds.  Others like to stroll through a park, be in the mountains, or hike through the woods.

As I’ve mentioned before, in other posts, the ocean is my calming place.  I love to sit near it, or walk along the beach, when I’m troubled.  Feeling the fresh breeze, hearing the rhythm of the waves, feeling the warm sand, assures me that life goes on — that I will go on.  It helps me to really be in that moment, to draw strength from my surroundings.  It helps me to remember that just as I can only see a small part of the ocean, I can only see a small part of my life.  I can’t see tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come.

Sometimes we encounter something that is just so heavy that it exceeds our ability to cope.  For those times, please turn to a professional for help, guidance, and support.  Too many times people rely instead on drugs and alcohol, thinking that they will get them through.  It doesn’t help — ever!  They still have the original problem, plus now, they also have to deal with complications resulting from their unhealthy choices.  There are better ways to cope!

If you are struggling with fear and sorrow, look for your own path through the dark and heavy sadness.  Try some of the things I’ve mentioned, but fine-tune them to fit you.  Remember that people care about you, so reach out.  Find faith in your tomorrows.  Tomorrow will come.  Thomas Fuller said, “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.”  Dawn will come, and the clouds will lift.  It just takes time, patience, and faith.

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