Be willing to let go of the people and the things that no longer enrich your life!  This allows space and energy for the new to come in.  When we hang onto something that we’ve outgrown, or that’s proven to be unfulfilling, or that creates unhappiness, we block the way for more positive, growth-promoting, and life-enhancing experiences.

Remember that you deserve happiness and peace of mind.  You shouldn’t settle for less than what you want or need.  In relationships, it’s important to have mutual respect, kindness, and caring.  If you feel worse about yourself, or about life, when you’re with someone, they probably aren’t right for you.  It doesn’t really matter if it’s a romantic relationship, or a friendship.  Being connected with someone is meant to increase our happiness and our sense of well-being, not diminish it.

Sometimes it’s behaviors that we hang onto.  Just because it’s something you’ve always done, doesn’t mean that it’s something you have to continue doing.  If it’s working for you, great!  If it isn’t, then think seriously about letting it go.  If you need help to do that, then reach out and ask for guidance and/or support.

Think about what you might be hanging onto.   Maybe there are good reasons for you to open up to other possibilities.  Give it some thought.

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