It can be challenging to keep a good attitude at certain times!  One of those difficult times is when you’re ill.  No matter how cheery you are when you’re feeling healthy, it can be another matter when you’re not.

I’ve started my second week with a nasty virus, and I’m ready to get over it — Right Now!  I’m a pretty mellow person, and I know all about the virtues of “delayed gratification,” but really, enough is enough.  Right?!  : )

There are so many people struggling at this time of the year with various ailments.  All anyone has to do is go on social media, or walk into any public place to know that colds and different viruses are really rampant.

Since I’m in private practice, and none of my clients were in crisis, I was able to take last week off.  Instead of going to work and generously sharing my germs with everyone I came in contact with, I stayed home and rested.  I think that  was a good decision for both my clients and for myself.

If you’re one of the myriad of people who isn’t feeling well, take good care of yourself, and do the best you can to not inflict others with your germs — or a grumpy attitude!  As they say, this too shall pass.  Sometimes the passing just goes a bit slowly.

Be gentle with yourself for feeling impatient.  Recognize that even if you’re feeling grumpy, you don’t have to act grumpy.  Find something to feel grateful for, even if it’s only for having a full box of Kleenex nearby!!  Find something to smile about, because smiling helps almost everyone feel better.  Try out some affirmations, such as “I’m becoming healthier.  My body is fighting these germs.”

And if all else fails, go to bed and sleep it off!  Maybe tomorrow the germs and the grumpiness will be gone!!

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    • Thank you, Linda! I appreciate your kind words. I really believe in focusing on what we have control over. I can’t make myself instantly well, but I can control whether or not I’m pleasant to be around.


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