Sometimes life just feels a bit chaotic — too many things coming from too many directions!  There are people that thrive on this kind of busyness.  I’m definitely not one of them!

For me to feel calm and centered, I need to be connected to a quiet, peaceful place inside me.  I can deal temporarily with noise and commotion, but if it goes on too long, it begins to take a toll on me.  I become tired, irritable, and tense.

If you’re at all like me, it’s important to find ways to relax and lower your stress.  Nature is a wonderful healer.  If you have a quiet space to be able to retreat out of the hustle and bustle for even a few minutes, it can have wonderful results.

We used to live not too far from the redwoods, and I loved the times when we would take a weekend trip, and I could walk through the giant trees.  There’s such a restorative quiet deep in the woods!  Now, we live near the beach, and I find an equal sense of peace while walking along and listening to the waves hitting the shore.  Either place brings a peace to my spirit.

Sometimes getting out into nature isn’t possible, though.  For those times, I love to put on some quiet music, and stretch out on the couch.  I close my eyes, allow my mind to pause, and be in a moment of calmness.  I focus on slow, deep breathing, and feel my body relax.  Other times, I’ll curl up in a comfy chair and read a wonderful book, or I’ll stand looking out at our pond and watch the koi swimming around.  All of these things, and more, create a calmness that pushes away the chaos of our modern, busy lives.

Try unplugging for awhile from your computer, cell phone, etc.  Turn off the t.v.  Turn the ringer to silent on your home phone.  Breathe in the peace and quiet.  Allow yourself to be in a calming space.  If you have a place in nature that you love and that’s accessible, spend some quality time there.  Find your own ways to feel centered and restored.  You’ll be so much calmer when you take time out of the chaos, and you’ll return to the everyday world feeling more rejuvenated and ready to be productive and creative.  What do you think?  Are you willing to try creating more calmness for yourself?

Until next time,



  • Linda,
    Your words and images are so soothing! I really relate to what you’ve shared. I too use to live near the California Redwoods and found peace walking among their deep stillness. Now in Oregon I find calm by looking out my window at the evergreens swaying in the ocean breeze and by walking on the beach. My mind slows down as I walk and soak up nature with all my senses.

    With gratitude,

  • Thank you, Rena. I didn’t know that you had lived near the Redwoods. Isn’t it a magical place?! I think it doesn’t matter a lot what type of nature you connect with. I believe the main thing is that you do get out of the man-made environments occasionally, and go into the natural world.


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