Springtime is a wonderful time of year! It seems like there’s so much new life bursting forth all around us. Trees are leafing out. Flowers are blossoming. Baby animals are being born.  It’s a great time of new beginnings!

These azaleas are part of what I see when I look out my Santa Barbara office window.  They’re beautiful, and I love them! The bushes are always there, but just  like magic, the flowers burst forth in the spring.

It reminds me that nature is constantly changing. There’s a rhythm to it. There are always endings and beginnings in nature. If we get stuck in mourning the endings, we may miss the joy of the new beginnings.

Do you see the overall rhythm to your life?  How do you deal with the inevitable endings? Are you open to the fresh beginnings? Fighting “what is” creates suffering for all of us.  When we learn to roll with the rhythm of life, it becomes so much easier and more joyful for us.

Is there something you need to let go? It might be a habit that’s no longer working for you, or a relationship that’s turned toxic, or a job that’s creating too much stress.  If it isn’t enriching your life, let it go, and make room for something new and beautiful to blossom.

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