“Some of the best lessons we ever learn, we learn from our mistakes and failures.  The error of the past is the wisdom of the future.”  ~ Tryon Edwards ~

So often we keep ourselves blocked!  We stay stuck, because we’re afraid to try something new.  We’re afraid that we might make a mistake.  We’re afraid that we might not “do it right.”  What if we fail?

Mistakes and failures simply teach us that there are different ways of doing things.  Each attempt we make provides information and insight that are important parts of the process.  Each misstep leads us in a new and better direction.

Instead of being full of judgement, why not make a decision to be supportive and patient with your efforts.  You’ll be surprised at how much better it feels.  Be your own cheerleader.  Learn to see past the temporary setback.  In time, you’ll be celebrating your victories!

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