Right now, there are two people close to me, who are struggling with extremely serious health issues.  It tears at my heart that I can’t do anything to “fix” them.  I love them both!

I have to trust that they’re receiving the best medical care.  I have to believe that the professionals overseeing this care recognize them as beautiful, unique human beings.  I need them each to be seen as a complete person, worthy of the gentlest touch, the most thoughtful attention, not just as a diagnosable illness that must be managed.  They’re more than their illnesses.

I’m strengthened by all of the prayers being said for them, the positive thoughts being held, and the love being sent.  I’m so grateful for the prayers and the positive thoughts, but it’s the love that really comforts me.  Family and friends have always shown in a myriad of ways their love for these two precious people.  I don’t think they’ve either one had to wonder if they’re loved.  They’ve heard it in words.  They’ve seen it in actions.

The love we openly share with the special people in our lives is such a blessing.  It enriches both the person giving, and the one receiving.  Do the people closest to you know they’re loved?  Have you told them lately?  Have you shown your love in thoughtful, caring ways?

None of us know when our last day will be.  None of us know when it’s going to be too late to tell others that we love them.  Don’t stay silent, and then live with regrets.  Celebrate your love for each other!

That’s what we’re going to do just as soon as both of our loved ones are fully recovered.  We’re going to encircle them with even more love than they’ve already had, and celebrate their renewed good health!

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