Do you allow yourself to reach out to others?  Do you let them know when you need some help, support, and/or encouragement?  Sometimes we feel the most alone when we’re hiding our needs behind a mask, a facade, of being totally fine, of not needing anyone or anything .

We all have needs.  We all have times when we’re struggling, and we could use a helping hand.  Our needs are nothing to feel embarrassed about, and hiding them can keep them from being met.

When we allow our struggles to be seen, and when we ask for what we need, we help give others the freedom to also reach out.  It might take courage to allow ourselves to be seen in such an honest way, but once we do, it can be very liberating!

Think about not having to maintain a false image.  Think about actually getting the assistance and support that you crave.  Pretending has a lot of drawbacks, and one pretense can build upon another.  Life can get complicated!

If you’re used to living behind a facade, immediately dropping that in its entirety can be pretty scary.  It might be easier to do it in small steps.  Is there someone you know, who might feel more approachable?  You want to reach out to a person who has shown empathy to others.

Reaching out to people who are judgmental, harsh, or uncaring can make you want to jump right back to the shelter of a mask, so choose wisely.  Choose someone who is patient, kind, and generous with their time and attention.  Once you’ve learned to be more comfortable with opening up to one person, in time you can begin to reach out to others.

Please think about the benefit of living your life from a place of honesty and authenticity.  If I can help you move forward, just let me know.  I promise you that it will be worth whatever effort it takes.

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  • Thank you for posting this Linda. I think this is a really important issue, especially in the US where many people still feel a stigma about mental heath that can prevent them from getting help that they may need.

    • I’m glad you felt the post had merit, Lynn. It is so important that we take the stigma away from seeking help for either emotional or mental struggles. When our needs are being met, the quality of our lives goes up.


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